OVer at Training Leaders International, Elliot Clark does a wonderful job of reviewing the “Any 3 method”. I give away his final analysis, but this is a helpful summary.

Mike Shipman’s short work, Any-3: Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime, addresses this situation by providing a handbook for evangelistic conversations with Muslims. His work seeks to inspire action but also to normalize and simplify the act of sharing the gospel. In many ways, the book emphasizes the urgency and attainability of this goal as demonstrated in its subtitle: Lead Muslims to Christ Now!…

…New believers within the Any-3 strategy strangely gather around a short vision statement on the essentials of reproduction. They also recite a statement of faith which is incredibly brief and tilted toward a commitment to evangelism rather than the typical, objective truths of a creed (126-27). These statements are divorced from Christian history and tradition, and they fail to represent the values of the new covenant community beyond a commitment to rapid growth. As such, Any-3 has the potential to propagate a movement that is not sufficiently grounded in the Scriptures.

Undoubtedly, many Muslims are coming to faith in Christ, and probably a good number through the committed method and simple presentation that is Any-3. However, the inspirational stories of decisions for Christ throughout the book ultimately leave us wondering what the hearers have actually decided, and to what they have been converted.

Head over to TLI to read his review.


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